Lesson 4: K2BAudit History Component

As mentioned before, there is no need of having K2B Tools in order to use K2B Audit. For this particular lesson, we are going to use a component that needs K2B Tools patterns to be applied. This will show us a history of audited data inside K2BTools patterns Entity Services. We will also need to import a XPZ file in order for it to work. To apply the component, do the following:

  1. Go to Genexus and open "Product" transaction.
  2. Apply Entity Services pattern and Save.
    Entity Services

  3. Scroll to Entity Manager section, and add a "History Component" node to "Component Group" node and save.
    History Component

  4. Download the XPZ file from here.
  5. Go to Genexus and click on "Knowledge Manager> Import".

  6. Load the XPZ and import it.
    Load XPZ

  7. Build your Application and Run the Developer Menu.
  8. Go to WWProduct Web Panel and click on Leica ELMARIT - TL product description.
    Leica ELMARIT - TL

  9. Click on History tab in order to Access Leica ELMARIT - TL History Component and see all the audited changes that were done to the product from inside its Entity Manager.
    History Component