Grid Columns

ColumnsIcon Description

This node contains the definition of the columns that should be displayed in a WorkWith or SubWorkWith interface. Its children are the columns that will appear on the grid, and its properties define some of the grid's characteristics as Page Size, Conditions, etc.

To alter the definition of the grid's orders and filters see the definition for the Orders and Filters nodes.

Runtime appearance

A example is shown below. Note that the first attribute is invisible in the grid.

GridColumnDefinition GridColumnSectionRT
Grid Columns Definition Grid Columns Runtime Appearance


Category Name Value
General Code (pattern) / Id (designer) Identifier for this node (must be unique inside the web panel or workwith).
Rows Per Page Indicates conditions that should be used when loading the grid.
Paging Mode Indicates whether to use Paging bar (OnePageAtATime) or Infinite scrolling. For more information read Infinite scrolling paging mode
Scroll Bar When Paging Mode is set to InfiniteScrolling indicates whether the scrollbar appears in the grid or in the form. For more information read Infinite scrolling paging mode
Page Options Determines the options available in the Rows Per Page field inside the grid settings control.
Allow Runtime Column Selection Determines if this grid will have Runtime column selection enabled.
Allow Runtime Column Reorder Determins if this grid will have Runtime column reordering enabled.
Horizontal Scroll Determines if this grid will include horizontal scroll (if it exceeds its allocated space) or not.
Conditional Row Classes Contains a set of conditions that determine different formattings for the grid rows based on their content. See Conditional classes in grids

Child nodes

ActionIcon Action (WPD) VariableIcon Variable (grid) AttributeIcon Attribute (grid)
ComboActionIcon Action groups (WPD)