FiltersIcon Description

Filters nodes can be used in panels created using K2BTools to include filters in Grid node controls, and in K2BTools Patterns to add filters in WorkWithSubWorkWith, and Prompt nodes. To define new filters for a grid, Filter variable nodes must be added to these nodes.

From K2BTools 11 onwards, web interfaces may contain a "Generic" filter. Generic filters are meant to be used differently from the rest of the filters (called detailed filters): while detailed filters allow the user to search for a value in a specific field, generic filters are meant to search for that value in several fields. As generic filters are unique inside a grid, they are configured directly in this node, while the detailed filters are specified as children in this node.

Example of generic and detailed filters

The definition of how the detailed filters will be shown is very flexible. To see ways in which the filters section may be customized, see the section "Child nodes".


  1. In order to use Generic Filters, the associated layout objects must support them. See Customizing filters UI in Basic Layout objects for more details.
  2. Detailed and generic filters may or may not be present at any given interface. See Customizing filters UI in Basic Layout objects for more details.


Category Name Value
General Descriptions Layout Determines if the variable's descriptions should appear on the left of the field or on top of them.
Visualization Mode

Determines how the filter section's UI will be generated. For more information see Using Visualization Modes in Filters?.

Note: Only available in SD Panels.

Summary Generator GeneXus object invoked to get the filter section summary description. See Filter Summaries
Summary Empty State Message Text that should be shown when the filter summary is empty. See Filter Summaries
Responsive Sizes Determines the layout of the items contained in this control according to the screen size of the device used in runtime. For more information, see Introduction to Responsive Web Design and Responsive Sizes Properties.
Include Generic Filter Determines if a Generic Filter should be included in this instance. This property is available only if the Layout object used supports generic filters.
Generic Filter Condition Attributes Determines the attributes related to the generic filter.
Generic Filter Condition Condition related to the generic filter. A default condition will be generated using the attributes selected in the "Generic Filters Condition Attributes" property.
Generic Filter Invite Message Invite message shown in the generic filter
Generic Filter Save State Determines if the Generic Filter is included in the Save Grid State feature.

Child Nodes

Note: The table below contains the complete set of possible children. Some nodes may not be available in all scenarios.

ActionIcon Action   VariableIcon Filter variable   LineSeparatorIcon LineSeparator  
ComboActionIcon Action groups   GroupIcon Group   ColumnsIcon   Columns  
TabsIcon Tabs   AdvancedFiltersIcon Advanced Filters