LayoutContent Description

Nodes of this type can be used to create sections in a Web Panel based on dynamic Layout objects. These sections can appear inside a LayoutGrid as the grid's content, or as a standalone section (similar to Attributes node nodes). This node can also be used to implement grids in WorkWith and SubWorkWith nodes.

As detailed in the "properties" section, these nodes have a "Dynamic Layout" property that contains a reference to the object used to define the layout. This property is read only: it can be assigned when the object is created (for example, when adding a grid based on a transaction), or be changed later (for example, using the "Change Grid Layout" action).

When the dynamic layout object is changed, the children set is updated according to the dynamic layout's component definition. When children are updated, two principles are followed:

  1. If a child with the same type, and referring to the same LayoutSlot already exists, it is not modified.
  2. When a new child is added, its definition is updated using the inference rules defined in the layout's metadata.


Category Name Value
General Dynamic Layout Reference to the dynamic layout being used. This property is read-only. To change it use the change grid layout action or the change layout action?, depending on whether the node is contained in a Grid node.

It also has the same properties of the FreeStyleSection node.

Child Nodes

Note: As explained above, this node's children are updated automatically when the layout is changed.

AttributeIcon LayoutVariable AttributesIcon Attributes node TextblockIcon Textblock
ActionIcon Action ActionsIcon Actions