SD Designer Tutorial - Before you start

Development Environment

Before starting with this tutorial, your development environment must contain the following:

1 - GeneXus 17U3 or greater

2 - K2BTools 13.1 or greater (when installing, select the “K2BTools SD” option).

3 - Smart Devices environment (Android or iOS). See Android Requirements and iOS Requirements.

Create an empty KB

After installing these items, open GeneXus and create a new KB. Select Java or C# as the KB’s default generator.

In that KB, import the base XPZ found here.

After importing the XPZ, generate the database and webapp.

Initialize the database

To initialize the database the KB includes a procedure called “LoadData” and a Web Panel called “LoadDataWP”. Execute the “LoadDataWP” and click on the “Load Data” action.