Lesson 5: Mobile Design System Configuration

The Mobile Design System Configuration (MDSC) is intended to simplify the process of defining (or changing) the most common design decisions in your mobile application.

K2BTools is a powerful set of tools. It has lots of features and properties that, sometimes, may be difficult to handle. The Mobile Design System Configuration wizard helps the developer to make design decisions in a visual, guided way.

In this Excercise, you are going to learn how to use the Mobile Design System Configuration correctly.

  1. Go to Genexus option "K2B Tools" and select " Mobile Design System Configuration".
    Mobile Design System Configuration

  2. Design System:
    • Select "Blue" option and click on "Next".
      Blue Design System

  3. Menu:
    • Choose "With user info and app icon" option and click on "Next".
      Menu Option

  4. Colors:
    • Select "#C62828" (Red) as the color .
      Selecting the color

      Note: You can customize the color in detail by clicking on the arrow of the selected color.
      Customize Color

  5. Options:
    • Set the name as "SDTutorial" and click on finish. Wait for the changes to apply.
      SDTutorial name

Now you can build your application and see the results on runtime.