Migrating K2B Audit data to version 6.0

This document describes the steps required to migrate K2B Audit database data to version 6.0 database structure.

Migrating data to K2B Audit 6.0 structure require a few SQL commands to be executed. These commands are grouped into SQL Scripts that must be run using the utility provided by the DBMS.

SQL Scripts location

SQL Scripts to migrate data to K2B Audit 6.0 database structure are located in subdirectory 'Packages\K2BTools\Audit\MigrationScripts\ToVersion60'. The subdirectory is located under the GeneXus installation directory.

The following table shows the SQL Script name for each DBMS.

DBMS Script name
Oracle Oracle.sql
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL.sql
SQL Server SQL Server.sql
iSeries DB2400.sql