K2BAudit 8.0 Release notes

K2B Audit 8.0, released on September 29, 2022, adds some features and bug fixes.


GeneXus version K2BTools version
  • GeneXus 17 U11

New features


  • Initialization script is no longer executed from GeneXus IDE
    This avoids, for example, having to install 32 bit database drivers in the development machine.
  • Archive process performance improved up to 50%
    Caching database access in this process reduced execution time up to 50% in some DBMSs
  • New Analyzer home page
    Provides faster access to audit data and processes.


  • Schema support in SQL Server
  • Cross-thread operation if Create audit triggers is executed while Manage Audited Transactions is open
  • Strings that should not be translated do not have the exclamation mark before the initial quote.
  • Errors when saving an Entity services instance after adding a History Component to an Entity manager

Migrating from earlier versions

Please read Migrating K2B Audit data from version 7.x to 8.0.