K2BAudit 5.1 Release notes


In K2BAudit 5.1 we continued to improve the quality of audited data, allowing the user to focus only on important changes in the database and decreasing the audit database size. In K2BAudit 5.0 this was accomplished by using conditional auditing. In K2BAudit 5.1 this is accomplished by only auditing updates with changes. 

Also in K2BAudit 5.1 we focused on improving the K2BAudit developer usability so it is easier to Audit an application. 

Important: In order to upgrade to K2BAudit 5.1 form K2BAudit 4 or below, licenses must by updated to K2BAudit 5 as described in Upgrading K2BAudit licenses.


  • Update operations with no changes are not audited (you can change this behaviour by setting the Audit Updates with no changes to true in K2BAudit Settings).
  • UX improvements in K2BAudit Analzyer's RWD UI. View of audited records was improved.
  • Developer Usability improvements:

Installation Instructions

Note: If you are upgrading K2BAudit from a version other than K2BAudit 4.1, we recommend reading all release notes for intermediate versions.

Getting ready

  1. Download the setup file from the GeneXus Marketplace.
  2. Perform a backup of your KB’s.


  1. Install K2BAudit 5 using the setup file downloaded in the previous section.
  2. If you are using a version bellow 5.0 , update your licenses as described in Upgrading K2BAudit licenses.
  3. If K2BTools licenses are not installed, install licenses as described in Requesting K2BAudit licenses.
  4. Open GeneXus.