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K2BAudit is a GeneXus extension that allows developers to integrate audit features to their GeneXus application with little effort.

Once K2BAudit is active in an application, all the operations performed in audited transactions are stored in a separate database, that contains information about these operations, their content and how they relate to each other.

K2BAudit Analyzer Home Page

K2BAudit Analyzer is a GeneXus application that allows an end user to query all the audit data and helps interpret it. This application is distributed through a XPZ file for two reasons:

  1. Allowing developers to generate the application for their platform of choice.
  2. Allowing developers to extend the application and add features needed for each specific case.


Prior to K2BAudit 6.0 :

To install K2BAudit Analyzer, developers must download the XPZ file that best suits their scenario, and create the app from there. More instructions available in K2BAuditAnalyzer Installation.

K2BAudit 6.0 and Up:

K2BAuditAnalyzer is automatically created. For more information see Creating the Audit Analyzer Knowledge Base

Application Usage

After the application is installed, end users may access it to see all the audited data.

Before doing so, a conversion process must be executed. This process reads all the raw logs generated by K2BAudit’s triggers and converts them to a structured data format so that their manipulation’s performance is better. In many cases, this process is automated and the end user does not have to execute it manually. See Audit archive process for more information.

After the transformation is complete, the user can start analyzing the information. The options available by default are:

Also, the KB includes a sample of how a developer may develop query objects that read the information stored in the Audit Database. See K2BAudit Analyzer advanced queries for more information.

As time goes by, the audit database usually grows significantly in size. In many cases, audit records are only needed for a specific period of time, and can be deleted once that period expires. See K2BAudit Analyzer - Removing query data for more information.

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