Create audit triggers

Usually, after activating K2B Audit and making changes to the Manage audited transactions the developer selects the Create audit triggers menu option to generate the code required to start auditing all selected transactions. If Execute Create Triggers code preference is true, it also compiles and executes the generated code.

This option regenerates all code required to start auditing all the audited transactions. If changes to K2B Audit definitions are done the developer may want to run the Impact audit triggers menu option.

Use this option if, for some reason, the Knowledgebase and the database are not in synch (i.e. triggers were removed from the database).

Selection this menu option generates the following GeneXus objects and SQL scripts, among other, satellite, objects:

Creating audit triggers for the first time

The first time the developer executes this menu option a dialog pops up stating that the Analyzer Knowledge Base for this Audited Knowledge Base is not created. The dialog lets you create the Analyzer Knowledge Base before continuing or cancel.

If the developer chooses to create the Analyzer Knowledge Base, it is created and initialized as described in Creating the Audit Analyzer Knowledge Base.