Activate K2B Audit

To start auditing Transactions of a KB, the developer must activate K2B Audit for that KB. To do so, open de KB, select K2B Audit preferences and change the value of K2B Audit Knowledge Base Role preference to Audited.

After that, K2B Audit is activated for the KB and the KB is identified as being audited.

The activation process requires importing a set of standard objects and setting up the K2BAudit datastore. As objects are added to the audited Knowledge Base, a dialog is displayed explaining the situation and asking for confirmation.

If confirmed, and after importing a set of objects, the Edit connection dialog for the K2BAudit datastore is displayed.

The K2BAudit datastore points to the database where all tables of the Analyzer Knowledge Base will be (or were) created. If the database already exists, make sure the datastores points to it. If it does not exist, create it, selecting the Create database button in the Edit connection dialog.