K2BTools 14.2 - Release notes

Status: Released

Version compatibility

  • GeneXus 18 U4
  • GeneXus 18 U3
  • GeneXus 18 U2

Aries, new Design System Family

Aries preview

This version includes our latest design system family named Aries. It was designed from the ground up to allow for customization for different scenarios, adapting the design system to each project/customer.

Major Aries highlights are:

  1. Several design options are available
    Choose the one that best suits your customers, according to their context, culture, and legacy systems.
    AriesStructure1 AriesStructure2
    Structure 1 Structure 2

    AriesStructure3 AriesStructure4
    Structure 3 Structure 4

  2. Multiple color palletes that can be changed at runtime.
  3. Language selector supported out of the box.
    Runtime configuration

We are excited about this new addition to our design portfolio! That said, previous design systems (Orion, Flat) continue to be supported and will be updated as new features are included in our tools.

Web Design System Configuration

Several improvements and design changes were made to the Web Design System Configuration wizard.


Design system configuration with a renewed design

The wizard's design was improved to present its options better. The Design system selection step was changed to clearly show the Design system major characteristics, making selection easier.

Design system customization change

As GeneXus best practices dictate, a custom Design System object, that inherits from the selected design system object, is now automatically created. Developers should change that custom design system object and refrain from changing the K2BTools one to ensure a smoother upgrade process.

Custom Design System object

K2BFlat is now available as a design system object

K2BFlat, originally deployed as a Theme object, was converted to a Design System object.

We strongly recommend migrating away from the K2BFlat Theme object to take advantage of the improvements offered by the design system object.

Design systems based on Theme objects are deprecated

Existing KBs can continue to use them, we strongly discourage their use in new KBs.

We recommend developers to migrate applications to use the corresponding (or more similar) Design System object, as it simplifies customization, migration and support.

GAM Integration Module

The integration module was updated to support GAM's latest features:

  • TOTP authentication type is now supported in the GAM Integration Module.
  • Several grids were improved to show their contents ordered by description.
  • Translation issues were solved.
  • The multiple delete action for user roles did not work correctly when used many times.
  • The Entry User object did not save the authentication type and validates passwords when it shouldn't.
  • More logging was added to diagnose problems more easily.

Color option picker, new control type

The color option picker control type can be used to allow the user to select one or more colors from a set defined by the developer using a Dataprovider object.

Color option picker in runtime

Check the Color option picker control type documentation for further details.


Finish action confirmation

Confirm properties

Wizards can now include confirmation in their last step: If active, a confirmation dialog appears when the finish action is executed.

"Minor" steps, step icons

Step properties

A wizard step can now be set as "minor". Minor steps are shown differently in the stepper control, using a smaller circle by default. In this case, the step number and icon are not shown (see example below).

An icon can now be assigned to each wizard step. In the following example, the first step has an associated icon, and the second one is set as a minor step.

Steps using these properties

Show dashboard KPIs more easily

This version includes several components to help creating beautiful dashboards. In particular, a set of new KPI designs is available.

KPI designs in runtime]]

The developer can change the KPI's description and icon. When creating a dashboard several options are presented, varying in their colors and how they show the KPI's numerical value: as a plain number, as a percentage, or with a shortened representation based on their magnitude.

You can start using these components in web panel designer adding a LayoutContent node. When doing that, a wizard will be executed to select among the available designs.

Minor Improvements

  • Global Events object

GeneXus 18 moved the object into a module, making the fully qualified name to change. K2BTools improved support for this change.

  • Non responsive web form conversion

User regions in non responsive web forms are now automatically converted when the web panel starts using the responsive generator.

  • Initialization of variables used in grids

To avoid carrying a variable value from row to row, they are now initialized for every new row in a grid. Exceptions to this rule are variables that are explicity assigned (Load value property), and grids based on collections.

  • It is now possible to choose which User Control object to use to create the "card" when creating an Attributes node, and as a default in the KB.

This allows the developer to define that certain cards should use a different UI.

  • General nodes now contain a "Open web component" action when one is associated with them.
  • Edit collection control type now supports the Invite message property.
  • Action regions are now generated using flex tables to improve accesibility.

Web panel designer

  • Dynamic layouts
    • User region can use a section instead of a table.
    • Can now include images in their components definition.
  • Columns nodes can now use a Flex render instead of responsive tables.
  • Adding LayoutContent nodes from scratch is now easier.
  • Query viewer node
    • Now shows the query name to improve readability
    • Properties were updated to match the ones available in GeneXus' query viewer control.

K2BTools Mobile

  • Textblocks and SDT Variables are now available as children for Group nodes.
  • Naming collisions are avoided when using OnDemand filters.
  • The "Title" property in Attributes nodes was removed.

Collaboration Module

  • Enhanced logging in notifications handling to diagnose problems more easily.
  • Minor UI bugs were fixed.
  • API objects were updated to support GX latest versions.


  • The "Calculated Description" property does not work in attributes with the character "_" in their name.
  • If a textblock is the first item in a cell inside a form, the description layout for the following attributes is set to Left regardless of what is set in the instance.
  • The General settings object was not updated correctly when multiple properties were edited at once.
  • If the condition property in an action contains only whitespace, the pattern treats that as a valid condition.
  • Conditional links in work with grids are shown even when the condition is not met.
  • When using aggregation columns, if the grid shows elements after being empty the aggregation values are not updated.
  • Action groups do not work in chrome.
  • The "Dataprovider Parameters" property is shown in some cases where it should be hidden.
  • Grids with many actions are not shown correctly in Extra Small.
  • Generated application UI:
    • The Check all option does not work correctly when the Freeze column titles option is active.
    • Tooltips for checkboxes are not shown correctly.
    • Grid header for the column containing an action that may appear in the overflow menu lacks its bottom border.
    • The Numeric Input and Masked input user controls did not assign standard classes to inputs, causing their personalization to be more complicated.
  • Entity Services:
    • An application error occurred when creating a work with with Inline edit mode and Conditional Row/Cell classes.
    • An error saying "Error: TwoPaneActionsContainer was not found" appeared when creating a sub work with with "Two Pane" edit mode where the referenced transaction did not have the ES pattern applied.
    • The "Generate After Trn Messages" property is not taken into account when using the Inline edit mode.
    • An error occurs when migrating KBs where instances contain an Event Or Sub node for the 'DoExport' action.
  • Trn Form:
    • It is not possible to add actions when the ES pattern is not applied to the transaction.
  • Web Panel Designer:
    • The "Include in filter summary" property is shown in variables that are not filters.
    • The visibility for the "Load Value" property in variables is not updated correctly.
  • GAM:
    • The impersonate field could not be set to empty when editing an authentication type.
  • Convert to Web Panel Designer tool:
    • Textblock using an expression as caption (e.g: =att.Title) are converted with an empty caption.

Installation steps

  1. Install K2BTools using the setup file downloaded in K2BTools download center
  2. If K2BTools licenses are not installed, install licenses as described in Requesting K2BTools licenses
  3. Open GeneXus.
  4. To upgrade a Knowledge Base to K2BTools 14.2
    1. Open the Knowledge Base
    2. In the GeneXus Development Environment Menu Bar, select K2BTools ->Reapply K2BTools and Build.
    3. Once this process have finished, you are ready to enjoy the new features of K2BTools 14.2
  5. To upgrade a Knowledge Base to use Aries Design System
    1. In the GeneXus Development Environment Menu Bar, select K2BTools -> Desing System Configuration
    2. Select in the first step Aries, Mesarthim, Hamal, or Bharani
    3. Customize the design system that fit your needs
    4. Select Finish
    5. In the GeneXus Development Environment Menu Bar, select K2BTools ->Reapply K2BTools and Build.
    6. Once this process have finished, you are ready to enjoy K2BTools ARies
  6. Check for deprecated user controls by running Find Deprecated User Controls References. For more information read User controls deprecated in K2BTools 14.0
  7. In any doubt contact support team: support@k2btools.com

Minor updates

    • K2BTools overwrites K2B Audit translations with old ones
    • Empty Item and Empty Item Text was not supported in Radio Buttons control type.
    • Query viewer node support for Data Providers.
    • recoverpasswordstep1: Error cannot convert type 'bool' to 'decimal' when generating K2BTools GAM Integration Module in Net Standard generator.
    • Design system configuration changed the color of K2BLogotipo image.
    • Error: Value of '-2147483648' is not valid for 'red'. 'red' should be greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 255 in some cases when pressing finish in the Design System Configuration Wizard.
    • Object reference not set to an instance of an object when using advanced filters in K2BEntityServices pattern.
    • Object reference not set to an instance of an object when using a grid with Paging Mode = Infinite Scrolling in K2BEntityServices pattern.
    • Captcha was not working correctly in net standard leading to failures in its operation. Additionally, several warnings shown during compilation time have been addressed.
    • Object reference not set to an instance of an object in pattern K2BPrompt when having a filter with a prompt node.

K2BTools zip files

Follow K2BTools Installation to install K2BTools from files.