K2BTools Installation

To install K2BTools, you should:

  1. Download the setup from the Marketplace. or from the download center.
  2. Run the setup file.
  3. Open GeneXus, and request licenses in the K2BTools -> Authorize K2BTools menu option.

The following video contains a detailed description of each step.

Install K2BTools from zip file

K2BTools can also be installed from a zip file. The zip files are available in each of the K2BTools Release Notes page. Using zip files to install K2BTools is usefull when there is the need to have multiple instances of K2BTools for the same major GeneXus version (the setup only allow one instance) . To install from zip file , you have to unzip it and copy the files in the GeneXus root directory or the GeneXusServer instance. After that perform a GeneXus.exe /install in the command line in case of a IDE installation, or restart application pool in case of installing in GXServer.

When using GeneXus server K2BTools must be installed in the server as well. For more information read How to install K2BTools on GXServer.

K2BTools licenses can be installed in a Protection Server. For information regarding how to install K2BTools licenses in a Protection Server read Protection Server K2BTools setup.