K2BTools 11.1 - Release Notes

In this first upgrade of K2BTools 11, our main goal was to continue improving the user interface generated by K2BTools, adding more flexibility to the developer, and helping the developer to use K2BTools more easily.

Improved user interface

Improved user interface in WebPanelDesigner

In order to improve the interfaces generated by WebPanelDesigner, some new features were added to the “Attributes” node. The new version adds the “Icon”, “Collapsible” and “Start Collapsed” properties to these nodes. These properties can be used to implement cards as seen in the Entity Manager UI

Example of a collapsible attributes node, with an Icon and a Query inside.

In grid nodes, the “Title”, “Icon”, “Collapsed”, and “Start Collapsed” properties were added. This can be used to create components similar to sub work with elements in Entity Manager interfaces.

“Grid” Node in WebPanelDesigner with an Icon and a collapsible region.

Search inside AccordionMenu

Now a search field is available in the accordion menu to find menu items easily.

AccordionMenuWithSearchField AccordionMenuSearchResult
Search fiedl above menu Search results

Developers can choose if the search functionality is included and the invite message of the search field, in the user control properties.

Accordion Menu Properties


Improved UX of the confirm message

There are many cases in which the confirm action message depends on the context of the action that is performed. In this version, the confirm message can be a GeneXus expression, in order to add more flexibility and improve the confirm action usability.

Example of an action with a dynamic message

Improvement in development experience

Real time preview was enhanced

Now developer will have a faster real time preview which will show how the interface will be generated before the pattern is applied. If you have to have two monitors, try putting the preview in one monitor and GeneXus in the other. As in previous versions the “Show Preview” action is shown in “WorkWith”, “SubWorkWith”, “General”, “Prompt” and “TrnForm” nodes.

Show Preview


More flexibility customizing the user interface

More flexibility in layout objects

In this version developers can add new regions to the action layout property.

Customized Region in Layout

The new region must be added to the basic layout associated to the object. For more information read Adding custom action layouts

Standard actions can be customized more easily

In many cases developers want to customize the standard actions (insert, update, delete, report, export). In previous versions this could be achieved by adding an action with the same properties as the insert, update or delete actions.


In some cases, preserving the actions order in the generated UI was not possible using this method.


In this version, we provide a better way to do this. Just add an action with the name of the action that should be customized and that’s all. K2BTools ensures that the action will be located in the same place as the standard action, and the action’s appearance (Icons, classes) will be set by default to match the appearance of the standard action.


For example, if developer wants to customize the delete action, just add an action named Delete. The default values for the properties related to the UI will be updated to match the standard action’s values.

Note: To personalize a standard action the action must be disabled in the “Modes” node. If the standard action is not disabled, an error indicating how to proceed will be shown.


Other features:

  • Required variables on TrnForm
  • Generarted reports can have different reports layouts. The report layout  property is now in the “Modes” node.
  • Multiple delete is now supported when delete action has layout ”InGrid”.


  • Grid paging: when a grid page had only one record, and this record was removed, the current page was not updated properly.
  • WebPanelDesigner: Conditional rows classes were not working in grids with no base table.
  • TrnForm: Dynamic combo conditions were not generated when a new line character was added to the condition.
  • Runtime column selection: attributes and variables were not shown in the same order as the grid when shown in the grid settings interface.
  • When applying K2BTools to a transaction that previously had the “WorkWith” pattern applied, the TrnContext variable was not redefined and an error was thrown.
  • WebPanelDesigner: “Return on click” property was fixed.
  • WebPanelDesigner: Filter summary was not properly updated in grids based on SDT.
  • EntityManager: An error was thrown when a component had a white space in the Code property.
  • Problems were fixed in the Check All variable behaviour.
  • Popup standard actions in EntityManager invoked the transaction incorrectly when the transaction parm rule was customized by the developer.
  • WebPanelDesigner: Actions conditions were not checked in the generated event.
  • The enhaced tooltips related to grid actions were not shown after paging.
  • WebPanelDesigner: Multiple Selection “Selected Items” list did not have the same control info as the items in the “Selectable Items” list.
  • WebPanelDesigner:: Editable variables were not working properly when there was an action with “RowSelection” = Multiple:  If the user changed the value of the variable after the row is selected the value of the variable was not stored correctly in the selected SDT.
  • WebPanelDesigner: In columns, tabs, and attributes, some child nodes were not supported.
  • Grid column selection was generated when an action had Layout = InGrid and RowSelection=Single or Multiple.
  • Grid actions were not generating the &Var.Enable = False in the Grid.Load event when the user did not have permissions to execute the action.

Minor updates

  • BugFix
    • ControlValueChanged event was removed in all webpanels developed with WebPanelDesigner.

  • LoadRowsPerPage method invocation code changed because a GeneXus bug in Java (IT 326345 ...wainting for SAC)
  • When the "Force Multi Row" property is set to true in WebPanelDesigner, the U_MultirowSelected method is generated.
  • BugFixes
    • Reapply K2BTools actions is now stopped when an error occurs during WebPanelDesigner application.
    • The "<InstanceName> was opened with the SkipUpdate option and it cannot be saved." error message when importing a K2BTools Pattern instance was fixed.
    • In WebPanelDesigner, the "Display Paging Buttons" subroutine was called in the Refresh code. Now it's only called in the Grid.Refresh method.
    • WebPanelDesigner: The user subroutine in the Grid.Refresh method was called after the DisplayPagingButtons code, making imposible to change the value of the grid filters. Now the "Display Paging Buttons" subroutine is called at the end of the event.
    • In objects generated with K2BEntityServices and K2BPrompt pattern, the "Enable" property was set in "Text" actions in grids, leading to an error. This was fixed in this version.

  • Same as
  • Compatibitlity with GX15 U11

  • SubWorkWiths SDT´s were marked to be deleted after updating the knowledge base from GXServer.
  • Division by zero problem in WebPanelDesigner and Patterns when using multiple selection actions.

  • K2BTools -> Reapply K2BTools and rebuild throw an error. 

Installation steps

Note: This version can only be used with GeneXus 15 U10

  1. Install K2BTools using  the setup file downloaded in GeneXus Marketplace.
  2. If you were using a version earlier than K2BTools 11, you will need to update your licenses as described in Upgrading K2BTools licenses
  3. If K2BTools licenses are not installed, install licenses as described in Requesting K2BTools licenses
  4. Open GeneXus.
  5. If using one of K2BTools’ default themes, they will be updated automatically. If the KB contains unused K2BTools themes, the developer will be asked if those themes can be removed. We strongly encourage to delete unused themes.
  6. If you are using another theme please follow the K2BTools Theme Log
  7. To start using K2BOrion use the Change K2BTools UI action
  8. If you have customized the default layouts of K2BTools (WWLayoutOrion, WWLayoutFlat, EntityManagerLayoutOrion, etc), the layout will be overwritten the first time this version is applied. To avoid this, please save  the layout object with a different name, and set its reference in the K2BEntityServices settings layout node.