Audit archive process configuration

It is possible to configure how the Audit archive process behaves when executed. These configurations aim to tune the process' performance for a particular environment.


Go to the "Archive parameters" option. In this screen, you will find a Work With with at least 4 records (more could be added by a developer to implement custom features in K2BAudit Analyzer).

The parameters' values used are as follows:

Name Value Default Value

Amount of concurrent processes created when archiving records. These processes will run in parallel archiving separate live record ranges.

See K2BAuditAnalyzer.ConvertAuditLogs procedure and K2BAuditAnalyzer.UI.ConvertAuditLog web panel


Maximum amount of records that can be converted when the process is executed. If set to 0, no limit is imposed.

This limit is useful when the amount of records pending for conversion is large, and the time needed to convert them is more than the time available. In those scenarios, a possible solution is to convert a subset of the generated records in each execution and consume the conversion backlog in several separate executions.

RowToProcess Indicates the maximum amount of records that can be converted between commits. Setting this value to a low value will slow down execution, while setting it to a high value increases the need for reprocessing if the conversion process fails. 10000
XmlParseLimit Used to prevent errors that can lead to infinite loops when converting XML values. This is a defensive control and should not be altered by the user. 3000