Live records timezone

Defines the time zone to use for Live records' timestamp.

It's value is normally in synch with the Datetime storage timezone environment property. If they are not, audit records (either Live or Archived), accessed from GeneXus generated objects (Transactions, Web panels, Procedures, etc.) show shifted timestamps as Genexus "thinks" they are in a time zone they are not.

The developer may need to change the value of this property, for example, when backwards compatibility (prior to version 8.0) is required.

IMPORTANT: Changing the value of this property does NOT generate a K2B Audit reorganization. The developer must execute the Create audit triggers menu option and actually run the generated code (if Execute Create Triggers code preference is off).


UTC Universal time coordinate time zone
Server Database server time zone


Depends on the value of Datetime storage timezone environment property.


This property is available as of version 8.0.