K2BAudit Release notes

K2B Audit is a minor update intended to fix the following issues:

  • Source file '....aexecuteactivityloginitialization\..\..\web\datastorename.cs' could not be found
  • src0289: Theme class 'K2BToolsAttribute_Invisible' does no exist en K2BAuditAnalyzer.HAuditQueryAttributeComponent
  • Installer does not install if GeneXus 18 is the only GeneXus installation in the computer
  • Activity log entry for object access is triggered before loading context and must be triggered after it
  • SQL0440N No authorized routine named "K2BAUDITGETUNITOFWORKID" of type "FUNCTION" having compatible arguments was found.
  • K2BAudit Zip has migration to version 8.0 scripts in the wrong directory
  • "K2BAudit 8.0 is not supported in this version of K2BTools" message updating K2BAudit in installation without K2BTools