Standard Actions (Prompt)

ActionIcon Description

This node is included as a child of Prompt node. In it, it is possible to configure how standard actions will be treated in the corresponding Prompt interface. In the context of this interface, only the insert action is enabled.

The developer may choose to disable the insert actions in design time, or include conditions that will determine the presence of the action in runtime.

Note that these conditions are not to be used as a security mechanism, but as a usability improvement for the end user. Even with these conditions in place, if the user acceses the transaction directly in one of its modes, the condition will not be evaluated and the user will be able to perform the operation.

To disable a transaction completely use the K2BTools security mechanism.

Runtime appearance

The example below shows the effect of using the "Insert" property.

ModesPromptInstance ModesPromptExample
Insert set to True Insert action in prompt

ModesPromptInstanceInsertFalse ModesPromptExampleInsertFalse
Insert Set To False Prompt without insert action


Category Name Value
Insert Insert enabled Determines if the insert action is active in this interface. This property's default value is loaded from K2BPrompt Settings.
Insert condition Contains a condition that will be executed in runtime to determine if the insert action will be shown to the user.
After insert navigation

Determines how the system will behave after the insert action is confirmed. Possible values are:

  • ReturnToTransaction: The Prompt interface will exit and the newly inserted element will returned to the caller interface.
  • ReturnToPrompt: The Prompt interface will stay open. If the tranaction's DA is present as a Filter, the filter will be initialized with the DA value for the newly created element.

For more information read After Insert property in Prompts