K2BTools Tutorial - Before you start

Installing K2BTools

To install K2BTools, you should:

  1. Download K2BTools setup from K2BTools Download Center
  2. Run the setup file.
  3. Open GeneXus, and see request licenses in the K2BTools -> Authorize K2BTools menu.

The following video contains a detailed description of each step.

Creating the Tutorial's KB

Before starting with the exercises listed in this tutorial, a new Knowledge Base must be created. This is the KB that will be used in all exercises. To create this Knowledge Base quickly, an XPZ is provided in the next step. This file contains the definition for a simple data model for a billing application.

The transactions contained in this model are: Country, City, Product, ProductStorage (models how products are stored in warehouses), ProductUnits (models the different units available in the system), Customer, and Invoice.