K2BTools Tutorial - Exercise 10.2 - Improving the UI of the Business Analysis View

Now, we are going to make a few changes to the properties of the queries in order to improve the UI. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Change the property "Component Position" to "SaweRowAsPrevious" of "WWInvoiceByCountry" and "WWInvoiceProduct" querys.
    Same Row As Previous

  2. Set the "Collapsible" property of "WWInvoiceByMonth" and "WWInvoiceProduct" to "True".

  3. Verify that the option "Apply the pattern on save" is checked and save the changes.
  4. Build the application (F5) and go to the object WWInvoice in runtime to see the results.
  5. Access the "Business Analysis View" by clicking on the button displayed on the image.
    Show Business Analysis View

  6. Change the value of the date filter to "September 2019". You can see how the content of the queries was updated.
  7. Go back to the grid view. See how the information of the grid corresponds to the date filter.