K2BTools Tutorial - Exercise 13.1 - Creating the Wizard User Interface

Now, it's time to create a Wizard User Interface that is going to allow us to pay the invoice of a customer. In order to do so, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new Web Panel named "InvoicePaymentWizard" and activate WebPanelDesigner.
  2. Go to the root node and add a "Wizard" node.
    Adding a Wizard node

  3. Click on the Wizard node, and change the following properties:
    1. Title: "Invoices Payment".
    2. SDT: "PaymentInvoiceSDT". This SDT was included inside the initial XPZ you imported.
  4. Go to "Events" tab and add the following code inside'U_InitializeWizardSDT' sub routine:
    Initialize Wizard SDT


Wizard SDT

Each wizard, needs to have a “Wizard SDT”. A “Wizard SDT” is an SDT to temporary store data which will be shared among steps and will be used when the wizard is completed.

Create a WebPanel with WebPanelDesigner and add a Wizard node.

Wizards can be implemented using the WebPanelDesigner. So, to define a Wizard, create a WebPanel, activate the Designer part and add a Wizard node. In the Wizard Node set the SDT property to the SDT defined in the previous step.