K2BTools Tutorial - Exercise 4.2: ShowInX Properties

K2BTools nodes include a set of properties called “Show In Extra Small”, “Show In Small”, “Show In Medium”, and “Show In Large”, that allow the user to determine if that node’s content will be visible in each of the predefined screen sizes.

These properties can be found in Action nodes, and in nodes that act as a grid column, such as Attributes of Variables.

In this exercise you will change the value for one of these properties and see the result.

  1. Open the K2BEntityServices instance corresponding to the Customer transaction.
  2. Find the attribute “CustomerLastName” in the “Grid Columns” node.
  3. Set the property “Show In Extra Small” to “True” in that node.
  4. Save your changes, generate, and execute your app.
  5. Change the browser’s window size again, as in the previous exercise. Note how the “CustomerLastName” is now visible when the window is small.