K2BTools Tutorial - Exercise 6.5: Improving the design

  1. Right click on "Customer Invoices" node and add a columns node. Inside this columns node, add two columns.
  2. Cut and paste "GridCustomer" inside one of the columns, and do the same with the node "Attributes" inside the other column.
    Columns Preview

    Note: Columns node h
  3. Change the "GridCustomer" title property to "Customers" and change the collapsible property to "true".
    GridCustomer Result

  4. Set the title property of the "Attributes" node to "Detail" and the collapsible property to "true".
    Attributes Result

  5. Modify the title propety of the "GridInvoices" to "Invoices".
  6. Change the "Rows per page" property of the node "Columns" inside "GridCostumer" to 30.
  7. Move "GridCustomers" to the bottom of the designer tree.
  8. This is how your designer tree should look by now:
    Designer Tree

The Web Panel is complete, you can execute it now to see it in action!