K2BTools Tutorial - Exercise 2.5: Multi-level transactions

In the previous exercises, you updated the web form for a single-level transaction. K2BTrnForm also supports multilevel transactions.

See how the pattern works in this case following this instructions:

  1. Go to the Invoice transaction, and apply the K2BTrnForm pattern.
  2. Inside the pattern’s instance:
    1. Delete the “InvoiceLastLine” and “InvoicePaymentReceived” attributes.
    2. Verify that a “Grid Level” node was created for the second level.
    3. Inside the “Grid Level” node, delete the attribute “ProductDescription” and set the “Visible” property to “False” in the “InvoiceLineId” property.
    4. Verify that a “Attributes” node appears at the bottom for the summary attributes.
    5. Delete the attributes “InvoiceTax”, “InvoiceDateFormat”, "InvoiceSearchResult" and "InvoiceTitle".
  3. Execute your app and see the results.