K2BTools Tutorial - Lesson 12: Selection Summary in grids

When selecting items in large grids the user may lose track of which elements are selected. This can happen when the grid has many pages, or when the user changes the filters used while selecting items.

Sometimes actions act on all the items that were selected, regardless of which are visible at the moment of execution. In this case, losing track of the selected items is troublesome as the user may be performing the action on items that weren’t supposed to be selected.

The Selection Summary feature can be used to mitigate this issue. When using it, the user can see all the selected items alongside the grid. These items are shown always, and paging/filtering do not apply to this list.

The developer can choose how the items are shown. Currently, three options are available: On grid’s right side, below it, or as a “Tab”. The choice between these options is up to the developer, see which option fits its needs the best.

In this lesson, you are going to learn how to use the selection summary correctly.