K2BTools Tutorial - Exercise 8.2: Simple Filters

Simple filters are the most common filters. They solve correctly the case in which most users search information using the same attributes, frequently combine many filters to perform complex queries, and understand what each filter means.

Simple Filter

Simple filters are the filters you have used in previous exercises. Follow these steps to review their features:

  1. Go to EntityServices instance associated with the "Invoice" transaction.
  2. Go to the "WorkWith" node, find the "GridColumns" node and add "CustomerFirstName" "CustomerLastName", "CountryName" and "CityName" attributes.
  3. Go to the "CountryName" node and set the "Description" property to "Country" and to "CityName" node and set the "Description" property to "City".
  4. In the Filters node add a "Filter Attribute" with "Name" and "Based On" property as "InvoiceCode"
  5. Repeat step 4 with "CustomerFirstName" instead of "InvoiceCode".
    Invoice instance should look like this

  6. Run and see how simple filters work.