K2BTools Tutorial - Lesson 16: Notifications and Collaboration module

There are many scenarios in which our end users need to be notified when certain events occur in the application. These events can be, for example: “the invoices are about to expire”, “the price of product X has changed”, “an order is pending your authorization”, “the order was authorized”, etc.

These events can be notified by several delivery media, for example: Web Notifications, E-Mail, and even Push Notifications, Messaging apps, etc.

K2BTools provides a “Notifications and Collaboration” module, that handles the creation and delivery of notifications via Web Notifications, and E-Mail. An APIs that can be used to trigger events is provided in the module. Also, the module allows end users to subscribe to the event types that they find relevant and to select which delivery media should be used in each case.

In this lesson, we are going to learn how to use the Notifications and Collaboration module correctly.