K2BTools Tutorial - Exercise 9.4:Changing the Dynamic Layout of a Grid

In the following exercise you will change the dynamic layout used in the ProductList. To do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to ProductList webpanel.
  2. Go to GridProduct node.
  3. Run the "Change Grid Layout" action.
    Change Grid Layout

  4. Select the dynamic layout: "Compact Card With Photo"
  5. Build and see the in runtime.

Note: Dynamic Layouts are a good way to define an abstract user interface. K2BTools provides a predefined catalog. Developers can modify the catalog, updating the existing dynamic layouts or creating new ones. In the dynamic layouts developers can add code to the events part, and this code is included in all grids that use this dynamic layout. Dynamic Layouts give lots of flexiblity to developers in order to enhance their user interface design, improving the user experience of the applications created using GX with K2BTools. For more information about dynamic layouts follow this link.