K2BTools Tutorial - Exercise 2.4: Using K2BTools Control Types

Dynamic Combo Box K2BTools

  1. Open Invoice transaction.
  2. Go to "Patterns" part and select "Entity Services" pattern.
  3. In the "Filters" node, add a new "Filter Attribute" with the following properties:
    • Name (Id): CustomerId.
    • Based On: CustomerId.
      Filter Attribute

  4. Add a "Control Info" to the CustomerId filter with the following properties:.
    Control Info

    • Control Type: Dynamic Combo Box K2BTools
    • Data Source From: Attributes.
    • Item Value: CustomerId.
    • Item Description: CustomerName.
    • Item Images: CustomerPhoto.
    • Item Details: CustomerNumber.
    • Item Trailing Text: CustomerBirthday.
    • Item Category: CountryName.
  5. Build your application (F5) and see the results in runtime by opening WWInvoice Web Panel.