K2BTools Tutorial - Exercise 16.3 - Subscribing to a transaction and adding user comments

Now that event subscriptions and user comments are allowed, it is time to subscribe to Invoice transaction.

Note: In order to correctly see how this module works, you should have two users in your GAM database. You can access GAM Menu "Security>Users" in order to add a new user.

In order to do so, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to "WWInvoice" web panel.
  2. Access "AKB01 1" invoice Entity Manager.
    AKB01 1 Invoice

  3. Once inside the Entity Manager, click on the bell icon in order to subscribe to this invoice. By suscribing to this invoice, the user will received a notification for each event related to this invoice.

  4. Click on the social action icon and insert a new comment.
    New Comment

    You will receive a notification when there is a new comment on this invoice and you are subscribed.

Note: It is posible to notify a specific user by using "@". By this the user will receive a notification and will be able to access the entity.

Notifying a user