K2BTools Tutorial - Exercise 8.5: Avanced Filters

Sometimes grids contain a lot of filters. In many cases, a large number of those filters are used sporadically. Advanced filters can be used to create a better UI for the filters interface, where the user can choose which filters to use in each case.

Advanced Filters In RunTime

In this exercise we are going to learn how advanced filters work.

  1. Go to the EntityServices instance associated with the "Invoice" transaction.
  2. Go to its "WorkWith" node.
  3. Remove "CityId" filter.
  4. In the "Filters" node add an "Advanced Filters" node.
    Advanced Filter Node

  5. Under "AdvancedFilters" add the following filters:
    1. CustomerLastName
      1. Name: "CustomerLastName"
      2. BasedOn: "CustomerLastName"
    2. CityId
      1. Name: "CityName"
      2. BasedOn: "CityId"
      3. Description: "City"
        1. Add a ControlInfo to the filter with the following properties:
          • ControlType: Dynamic Combo Box
          • Item Values: CityId
          • Item Descriptions: CityName
  6. Apply the instance and run the application.
  7. See how the advanced filters work. Try adding and removing filters.