K2BTools Tutorial - Exercise 16.2 - Allowing event subscriptions and user comments

Now that the notifications and collaboration module is installed, it is time to allow event subscritions and user comments in a transaction.

For this exercise, we are going to use invoice transaction as the example.

In order to do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to GeneXus and open Invoice transaction.
  2. Navigate to "Entity Service" pattern.
  3. Click on "Transaction" node:
    • Change "Allow Event Subscription" property to "True".
    • Change "Allow User Comments" property to "True".
      Event Subscription and User Comments

  4. Once the properties in step 3 are configured, metadata in collaboration and notification module must be updated. In order to do that, Click on "K2Btools-> Initilize Event types."
    Initialize Event Types

  5. Build your application (F5).

Now invoice transaction is ready for user subscriptions and comments.