K2BTools Tutorial - Exercise 1.2: Applying the pattern using templates

Applying the pattern using templates.

  1. Open "Product" transaction.
  2. Go to "Patterns" section and navigate to "EntityServices" pattern.
  3. Select the option "Create based on template".
    Create based on template

  4. Choose "Master Detail Freestyle Grid" template and click on "Finish".
  5. Delete the “Invoices” SubWorkWith from the EntityManager.
  6. Delete the "ProductStorage" parallel transaction.
  7. Save the transaction and see the results in runtime.

Changing the selected template

  1. Open "Product" Entity Services.
  2. Right click on "WorkWith" node and select "Change Work With" option.
    Change Work With

  3. Select the template "Standard grid" and click on "Finish".
  4. Delete "Work With" node.
  5. Right click on "Transaction" node and "Add (from default)>WorkWith" and add the default WorkWith. (This step is needed in order for the next exercise to work)
  6. Delete all attributes except from "ProductId", "ProductDescription", "ProductType", "ProductPrice" and "BrandName".
  7. Save the transaction.