Action (Dynamic Layout Definition)

ActionIcon Description

This node defines an action in a Dynamic Layout’s metadata. When an action is included a button will be added to the object’s form, initially in the “Unused Items” section.


The developer may move or copy the button included in the “Unused Items” section to the “User Region”, where it will be taken into account when generating panels based on the layout.

When using the SD generator, the “User Region” may include more than one copy of this action. To do this, simply add an “Button” control from the Toolbar and select the corresponding “Control Name” (which should be set to “Action_{Name}”).

When using the dynamic layout, all occurences of the button in the layout will be replaced with its final values. Only the “Control Name”, “On Click Event”, “Caption”, “Image”, and “Disabled Image” properties will be updated. All other properties will remain as defined in the layout object, so the developer can choose any value for them.


Category Name Value
General Name (Id) Identifier for this action. Must be unique inside the layout’s metadata.
Optional Indicates if this action will be optional in the final panel. If so, the developer may choose to set the “Do not include” property to true, and the corresponding buttons will be deleted from the panel.
Use As In Grid Action Indicates if this action should be treated as an In-Grid action (shown inside each of the grid’s items) or as a Grid-associated action (shown once outside the grid).
Type Sets the Type for this action. This property is analogous to the “Type” property in Action nodes.