K2BTrnForm Pattern


K2BTrnForm is a GeneXus Pattern that generates the Transaction Web Form. Also it generates rules and events related to the user interface. Required attributes can be set in the TrnForm pattern, groups of attributes, tabs can also be added to enhance the transaction user interface

Transaction User Interface

K2BTrnForm default interface

By default the K2BEntityServices pattern, sets a default WebForm with each attribute in a different row.

By using the K2BTrnForm pattern, the attributes can be arranged to be in the same row, inside tabs, groups, line separators.

K2BTrnForm instance Specification

  • To place some attributes in the same row or cell the Element Relative Position property property can be used.
  • To place some attributes inside a collapsible region the LineSeparator can be used.
  • To place the attributes inside tabs the Tabs can be used.
  • To place the attributes in different columns the Columns can be used.
  • To place the attributes inside a group the Group can be used.

All this user interface components can also be used inside the Filters and in every place inside K2BTools where attributes or variables needs to be placed-