Dynamic Layout Root Node


This page describes the definition of a Dynamic Layout Root node. These nodes are at the root of the specification of Dynamic Layouts, for Web and SD platforms. In their definition, they describe the layout so that if can be referenced easily.


Category Name Value
General Title Contains the title that will be shown when selecting Dynamic Layouts.
Description Contains an extended description including the layout’s intended usage, and comments that will help a developer choose between layouts.
Categories Includes a set of categories that characterize this layout. The categories must be separated by semicolons (“;”), and each category may contain several levels, separated by a backslash (“\”). When selecting layouts, the developer may search by these categories, and the categories will be shown in a Treeview to help the layout’s selection.
PreviewImage Contains a reference to an Image in the KB. This image should show a possible result using this layout.
Layout Type Determines if this layout is defined for grids or for attributes sections. This determines when the layout will be shown to the developer, and also alters how its form is defined. When defining a “Grid” layout, a grid control will be included so that the developer may customize it.

The image below shows how these properties are used when selecting a Dynamic Layout.

Title, Preview Image, Description, and Categories properties usage

Child nodes

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