Configuring a Delivery media

A delivery media represents a media in which notifications are delivered. Examples of delivery media are: E-Mail, web notification, messaging apps, push notification, etc. K2BTools provides an implementation of web notifications and E-Mail, and allows the developer to extend the module, to support other delivery media.

Delivery media parameters

A Delivery Media, may contain parameters that are needed to use this delivery media. For the E-Mail delivery media, some of the parameters are: SMTP Host, SMTP Password, Sender Name, etc. To use this delivery media, these parameters must be configured.

Required templates

Each media has different messages that will be included in the notification.

Message templates in the event type definition

For example:

  • When using E-Mail as a delivery media, the Body and Subject must be included.

  • When using Web notifications the notification text and the notification action caption must be configured.

    Messages in a web notification

The delivery media requires which message templates are required to use it. When an event type is configured, those message templates should be defined in order to enable the delivery media for that event type.