The action “Add SDT” simplifies the creation of SDT-based structures within Web Panels created with Web Panel Designer.

"Add SDT" action

This action is available in the nodes WebForm, Attributes, Free Style Section, Group, Line Separator, Multiple Selection and Tab (the same nodes where the action “Add Grid From Transaction” is located in previous versions).

How it works

When this action is run, a dialog box is displayed for the developer to select the SDT to be displayed.

Once the developer has selected the SDT to be displayed on screen, the SDT definition is added to the corresponding node following these heuristics:

  • For each member of the SDT, an SDT Variable node is added.
  • For each non-collection level, an Attributes node is added with the level's content.
  • For each collection level that doesn't include sub levels, a Grid node is added.
  • For each collection level that includes sub levels, a Free Style Grid node is added.

The image below shows the result of running the action from the source SDT.

Result of running "Add SDT"

Similarly to the actions “Add Grid From …”, the result of this action can be changed by the developer, who can delete attributes or even entire levels as needed.


  • Fields in the SDT that in the Type property references to another SDT are not supported. In this case the field is not added.