Defining a Wizard SDT

A Wizard SDT is an SDT that contains data shared between steps and used when the wizard is completed. The Wizard SDT structure must be defined by the developer.

The information that the wizard SDT should contain is:
Information to be shared between steps. Each step will read the SDT when loaded, and will update the values in the SDT when the Next or Finish action is executed.
In the last step, or in the U_BeforeComplete subroutine in the “Wizard Main Panel”, the developer can add the necessary code for the wizard completion. This code can use the “Wizard SDT” as input.
For example, if the wizard updates data in the database, the “Wizard SDT” should store all the values needed to perform the operation.

As the Wizard is flexible, the Wizard structure will depend mainly on what the developer needs to achieve. As an example, if all the operations of the wizard are related to a transaction, then the SDT can be created by creating a new SDT, and dragging the transaction into the SDT.

The Wizard SDT must be assigned into the SDT property of the Wizard node.