K2B Tools Web

K2BTools Web allows GeneXus developers to generate great Web Applications with an excelent user experience in a easy way. K2BTools automates the generation of GeneXus code to solve common and repetitive problems. Its main objectives are:

  • Productivity: Increasing productivity to develop GeneXus applications faster and more easily.
  • Best Practices: Following the best practices when building GeneXus applications.
  • User Experience: Generating applications with an excellent user experience is a critical success factor. This is very difficult to achieve as many developers have little knowledge of design and user experience best practices. K2BTools generates the user interface following best practices and guidelines.
  • New technologies: K2BTools is always up-to-date with GeneXus, releasing new versions for each GeneXus version taking advantage of its new features.
  • Security: Business applications must be secure. Code generated by K2BTools follows security best practices.

You can see sample applications created with K2BTools here.