Filters in column titles

When using standard grids, filters can be included in the grid column titles. This is a UI used often in spreadsheets applications.

DateRangeColumnFilter MultipleColumnFilter
Date range column filter Multiple column filter

To associate a filter with a grid column, the filter's "Display In" property must be set to "Column", and the desired column must be referenced in the "Associated column" property. Any filter can be associated with any column, but we recommend associating filters with the column related to it. Because of that, the "Associated column" property will be set by default to the corresponding column by K2BTools.

Properties in filter node

Many filters may be associated with a column if necessary.

Showing filters as an extra row

Starting in K2BTools 15.1, the developer can choose how filters associated with column titles can be shown. To do so, use the "Column Filters Position" property in K2BTools General Settings. The default value (TitleMenu) is the one documented above. If the "FilterRow" option is chosen, the filters will be displayed as shown below.

Filters as an additional row