Font Awesome in K2BMenu

K2BTools 15.2 onwards

Font Awesome support in the menu pattern has now been standardized to follow the guidelines set in Iconset support in K2BTools. From this version onwards, the developer can choose the icon using the Iconset reference editor in the "Icon Set Icon" property.

K2BTools 15.1 and older

In both WebObject and SubMenu nodes it is possible to use Font Awesome icons.

In order to do this, the icon's class (for example, "fa fa-flag" in Countries) must be set in the "Image Class" property.

Runtime appearance using K2BAccordion User Control.

The K2BAccordionMenu user control can interpret this as a Font Awesome icon class.

You can find a list of available icons in Font Awesome Web Application Icons. The font awesome supported version is 5.1.1