Convert to WebPanelDesigner


Many times, legacy KBs contain WebPanels were created manually. In these cases, the developer may want to migrate these WebPanels to be maintained using WebPanelDesigner, and thus take advantage of the features included with this tool.

To do this, an automated tool was created by K2BTools to help a developer converting a WebPanel to the designer. WebPanels developed without using K2BTools, can contain innumerable scenarios, so this tool is heuristic, meaning that it will not always convert exactly a WebPanel to the Designer and that the developer should check the new WebPanel and adjust the panel's behaviour. We believe that this tool will help developers in migration of legacy webpanels to K2BTools.


  1. In the folder view, select the WebPanel to be converted (it should not be using the designer already).
  2. In the contextual menu select the "Converto To Web Panel" action.
  3. Wait until the convertion process is finished.
  4. Open the WebPanel
  5. Run the webpanel and make the customizations needed, so that it has the desired behavior.

WebPanel conversion to designer process