PDF report generation

NOTE: This document applies to K2BTools version 15.1 and later. If you are using older versions please see PDF Reports in K2BTools - up to 15.0

The WorkWith and SubWorkWith nodes can generate PDF reports based on the columns of the grid.

Report design can be changed using templates called Report layouts in K2BTools. Several default report layouts to choose from are distributed with K2BTools. Developers can (and are encouraged to) create custom report layouts to accomodate their needs. Please read Report Layout design and programming for details.

Managing page width limitation

Reports have a fixed width. It is possible that not all grid columns fit in it. If they do not, K2BTools includes the first ones only. Developers can change the following settings to get more colums printed:

  • Increase paper width by changing the paper type and/or paper orientation

Change the Paper size property? and/or Paper orientation property? in the standard actions of a workwith or subworkwith.

Default value are taken from the K2BEntityServices settings

Paper type and paper orientation properties

Default value of paper type and paper orientation properties

  • Remove columns from the pdf document.

Set the Use In Report property? to false.

Use in report property

  • Enable column content to be printed in multiple lines

Set the Multiline column property to true. The property is available for character based columns only.