GeneXus WorkWith Pattern To K2BTools Patterns


Many times, new K2BTools developers come from projects where the Work with pattern created by Artech was used. In these cases, the developer may want to migrate those projects so that they use the Entity Services pattern, and thus take advantage of the improved functionality.

To do this, an automated tool was created by K2BTool's development team that enables the developer to perform this migration painlessly. The developer must select the trasactions whose instances must be converted, and the tool will delete the work with instances and replace them with an Entity Services instance.


To use this tool, follow these steps:

1. In the Folder View, select all transactions whose instances you want to convert. Go to the contextual menu (by using the right click) and execute the action "Convert WW instance to Entity Services".

Convert WW instance to Entity Services action

2. A process will be executed that will convert all Work With instances belonging to the selected transactions. The developer can check the progress in the output window.

Convert WW instance to Entity Services output

After this process the instance is ready to use. It is advisable to run a build process before continuing to ensure that all new objects are updated.