After Insert property in Prompts


When the prompt has the "Insert" standard action set to True, the "After Insert" property can be used to define what will happen after the new record is inserted. The developer can choose between returning to the prompt, or returning to the transaction with the newly inserted record selected as the prompt result.


In the "Standard Actions" node a property "AfterInsert" will appear when the "Insert" property is set to True.

After Insert in Prompt

Its possible values are:

  • ReturnToTransaction: The Prompt interface will exit and the newly inserted element will returned to the caller interface
    After Insert set to "ReturnToTransaction"

  • ReturnToPrompt: The Prompt interface will stay open. If the transaction's DA is present as a Filter, the filter will be initilized with the DA value for the newly created record.
    After Insert set to "ReturnToPrompt"