Design System Configuration wizard

The Design System Configuration (DSC) wizard is intended to simplify the process of defining (or changing) the most common design decisions.

K2BTools is a powerful set of tools. It has lots of features and properties that, sometimes, may be difficult to handle. The Design System Configuration wizard helps the developer to make design decisions in a visual, guided way.

Making user interface decisions

The DSC can be accessed at any time in the development process, using the K2BTools/Design System Configuration menu option. It can be used eather to set or change design decisions such as:

  • What Theme or Design System Object to use
  • What is the Master Page format you need
  • The Master Page features that are important to the application
  • Set size and color of fonts, areas on the form, etc.
  • How different features should be shown

When the wizard is finished, only required changes are made to the Knowledge Base.

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