How to have multiple versions of K2BTools installed


There are many scenarios when developer needs to have more than one version of K2BTools installed in the same computer or multiple installations of the same version of K2BTools for diffefrent GeneXus upgrades. That's because they have applications that are developed and maintained with different versions of GeneXus and K2BTools. Like GeneXus, with K2BTools installer, you can only have one instance of K2BTools for every major GeneXus version (Ex:GX15, GX16, GX17) So if you want to have one installation for K2BTools for GX16, and another installation of K2BTools for GX17 you can install both using the setup. The problems is when you want to install two differents K2BTools version for the same GeneXus major version: Example: one version of K2BTools for GX17U3 and another version for GX17U4.

Solution 1: Copy current GeneXus version.

If you are working with some version of K2BTools and want to install another version but keep the pervious version, you can copy the GeneXus version you are using into another folder (ex GX17U3K2BTools13.1), then remove the previous K2BTools version using add and remove programs (the unsinstall program will not remove K2BTools from the copied folder), and then install the new K2BTools version. Then you will have two versions of GeneXus with K2BTools installed.

Solution 2: Manual folder installation

What K2BTools does when installing via setup is to copy some folders and files into GeneXus directory.In every release notes page for example here there is a link to download the zip that contains the folders that must be copied in the GeneXus installation directory, and then run in a command line GeneXus.exe /install.

What about the licenses?

With the newer K2BTools licenses you can use the previous version of K2BTools. For example if you have licenses of K2BTools 13, you can use K2BTools 12, K2BTools 11 and all previous versions. So in order to have multiple versions of K2BTools it is recomended to upgrade your license to the latest license version..