Upgrading K2BTools licenses local PC


Before performing these steps the target K2BTools version must be installed. In the examples below, the target version is 13.0.

Step 1 - Request temporary licenses for the new version (OPTIONAL)

The purpose of requesting temporary licenses is to ensure access to K2BTools during the period between uninstalling the old licenses and receiving the new ones. This step can be skipped.

1.1 - Open K2BTools (local) License Manager

Open GeneXus, go to K2BTools’ menu and execute the “Authorize K2BTools” action.

"Authorize K2BTools" action

1.2 - Request temporary licenses for the target version

In this step, licenses for 60 days will be requested.

K2BTools license manager

To do this, select the target version in the License Manager dialog, and click on the "Authorize" option. Then, select the "Authorize Online" option and enter the amount of days for the license (60 days).

Note:We recommend to use the "Authorize Online" option, however this request can be done via the "Generate Authorization File" option. In this case the amount of days should be specified in the rquest email.

1.3 - Install new licenses

When licenses arrive install them in your computer. From this moment on, the new K2BTools version may be used.

Step 2 - Uninstall licenses for old versions

2.1 - Open K2BTools (local) License Manager or the Protection Server License Manager

If using the K2BTools (local) License Manager: Open the legacy license manager located in Packages\K2BTools in the file OldLicenses.zip

K2BTools legacy license manager

2.2 - Select the old license and uninstall it

After uninstalling the version, a dialog like the one shown below will be shown. Note that a file is generated as a proof of the operation, please send the file in an email to the address claves@k2b.com

License Uninstalled Dialog

Step 3 - Request unrestricted licenses for the target version

To do this, follow the same steps as in the first step, but selecting "Unlimited" licenses. If the request is done via the web interface, select "Change Restrictions".

Common errors

1 - When uninstalling the license the following error is shown

License is being used error

If this error is shown, the licenses are being used by an active GeneXus instance. Close all GeneXus instances and execute the process again.